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MindSutra Software Technologies

Marriage Matching is a very interesting program developed by MindSutra Software Technologies. This program is very complicated and is probably intended for professional users and well educated people who took sufficient learning in astrology.

This program can be used to make a detailed marriage analysis to help people take the right marriage decision, or be aware of possible problems. Some personal information about the couple should be entered in the program first, and then comprehensive analysis of that data will be performed. Some analysis results are given in regard to the whole couple; but there is also information given related to the man or the girl only. A number of graphical charts is also provided to illustrate conclusions.

Couple's horoscope, preferred planet and the relations between the planet and the sun are examples of the analysis made by this program. The main disadvantage of the program is that its trial version does not allow you to change the birth year, so all the analysis will not be accurate until you register the program.

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